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The future is looking bright for young Belgian singer songwriter Tom Frantzis (May 21, 1991). At age 26, this self-taught multi-instrumentalist is knocking on the front door of pop success with his debut single ‘Facing Changes’, a song which helped him secure a worldwide deal with the major label Warner Music and brought him to the forefront of contemporary soulful pop.
Gaining attention as a Youtube cover artist, Tom was drafted in early 2016 by Belgian TV Network Eén to perform in the Belgium preliminary of the Eurovision Song Contest. Losing narrowly to Belgian pop singer Laura Tesoro, Tom made a strong impression with his surprisingly amazing voice - soulful and expressive - perfectly suited to modern folk-pop and soul.
Influenced by fellow artists like Ryan Tedder, Ed Sheeran, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake and Peter Gabriel, Tom crafted several popsongs with the help of producer Luuk Cox.